ProjectGMP+2020 introduction FRA Module

Memo assessment GMP+ FRA standards

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Feed Responsibility Management System

Assessment GMP+ B100 Feed Responsibility Management System

4.1.1 management responsibility
4.1.2 management respresentative
4.1.3 Requirements for the management system
4.1.4 Documentation and registration
4.2.1 Personnel
4.2.2 Identification and traceability

4.3 Risk assessment
4.4.1 Selection of suppliers
4.4.2 Verification of incoming products
4.4.3 Services
4.5.1 Inform the customer about the status of the feed
4.5.2 Delivery requirements
4.6.1 complaints
4.6.2 Internal audit
4.6.3 Assessment of the management system and improvements

1. Production and trade of RTRS soy

Assessment GMP+ MI101 Production and trade of RTRS soy

2. Responsible pig & poultry feed

Assessment GMP+ MI102 Responsible pig & poultry feed

3. Responsible dairy feed

Assessment GMP+ MI103 Responsible dairy feed

5. GMO controlled feed

Assessment GMP+ MI105 GMO controlled